Cabin Fever 2022 news:

Sunday, February 27, 2022

2020 Art Raffle: meet the artist: Tiffany London (8-28-2020)

Charles Cantella interviews this year’s Art Raffle artist, Tiffany London. Ms. London is a well-established fish and wildlife artist with a knack for adding original fish images to everyday items such as pillows, flower pots, kitchen chairs and Yeti coolers. Each commission is unique. Click here for Charles’ very interesting interview. Click Here to get to Tiffany’s website.

The Event

Over 60 Exhibitors including fly tiers, guide services, rod builders, fly shops, and rod & reel manufacturers.

Informative seminars on fly fishing techniques.

Fly casting demonstrations for all skill levels

Fly tying demonstrations and a kids table set up so they can tie their own flys!

Flea market area for great deals on vintage tackle and a chance to sell some of your old gear your wife says you have to much of.


Cabin Fever is shaping up to be the best exhibitor experience we have ever had. With well known speakers, interactive demos and a great selection of guides and manufaturers, attendance is expected to be very high.


2022 Exhibitor Registration Forms will be available later in the year

General questions: email Bryan Mathie


2022 Flea Market forms will be available later in the year

Flea Market questions: email Jodie Minor

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