November, 2021 Board Meeting summary

Your board met November 4, 2021 and made several notable decisions:

1. A $4,600 request for funds for stream improvement on Buffalo creek by the Arrowhead Chapter was reviewed and approved. The stream is 45 minutes from downtown and offers trout fishing year-round. This follows a decision made last month to fund aspects of a project by Forbes Trail TU to resurrect the Laurel Highlands Trout Trail ($3,600). Both projects represent collaborative relations between PWWTU and other SW PA TU Chapters.

2. The Communications Committee and Mr. Joe Birch, our web master, are making forward progress on a revision of that will improve appearance and navigation.

3. Mr. Glen “Andy” Andrews has moved here from Portland, OR where he was quite active in a TU chapter. He was a board member for at least 20 years and during that time he organized 5-6 weekend camping/fishing trips each season. The Board approved a new committee named “Exploration”, and the President appointed Mr. Andrews chair of the committee. If you know of sites in PA where campgrounds are on or close to trout streams, please contact [email protected]

4. A high school teacher in the Franklin District has asked for help. He’s organizing a fly fishing club and needs tying material and instruments plus rods, reels and fishing equipment. Click here to get a summary of the project and contact him directly if you can help.

5. The controversy surrounding PA Boat and Fish commision’s decision to continue stocking streams that have sufficient reproduction of native or wild trout to maintain the population has reached the simmer stage. It may boil over, in part due to an article by Len Lichvar who is against the practice of stocking over native fish. Read his article by clicking here. There should be a call for commennts, and the Board will review the issue and ask members to respond then.