Amida Daniel and Kelly Williams present a ZOOM conference: “We Want You!…. Women, Diversity and Inclusion” on Tuesday October 12

Penn’s Woods West Chapter believes in the value diversity brings to our organization.  We value differences in opinion, skill sets and vantage points.  We welcome debate and discussion on the best way to accomplish our goals as a chapter and we believe that adding these other voices gives us a strength and sustainability in our ever changing world.

Admit it, the work of conservation is needed more than ever and we can use every hand we can get.

So we are asking our members to think about friends, family and neighbors that would benefit from being a part of a conservation minded community and an opportunity to positively effect our neighborhoods and the world around us.,

On October 12th at 7:30 join Penn’s Woods West and the Stanley Cooper Chapter for a VIRTUAL ZOOM *presentation from two women leading  Pennsylvania TU’s Women, Diversity, and Inclusion work that has been occurring over the last 3.5+ years.  Amidea Daniel and  Kelly Williams will share what other organizations/chapters are doing,  and suggestions on how we to sustain what we began at Penn’s Woods West.  Diversity covers many avenues from age, gender, social and economic backgrounds, to ethnic, and family backgrounds, and much more.  Just as diversity is important for healthy stream ecosystems, so too is it important, for organizations like ours, in order to sustain the hard work, and dedication to the protection, conservation, and enhancement of the waters, and trout we love, and enjoy.

Zoom Link will be available via Chapter email.