Stay tuned for more information on the Outdoor Adventures Group within our chapter.

Penn’s Woods West TU

Outdoor Adventures Program

   Board member Andy Andrews has lead our “Outdoor Adventures” program for the past 3 years. The program involves fishing, camping, food and camaraderie on expeditions to trout streams with campgrounds in Western PA.

   Andy imported the idea for the program from his time running a similar effort in Portland, Oregon where trout-filled streams and campgrounds abound, not to mention the high mountain lakes.


Andy has done a remarkable job finding suitable venues in our area. Little Pine Creek with its nice campground has seen repeat visits. Kettle Creek with the Ole Bull campground is next on the list.

Fishing is a major focus of the trips:

However, it is not the sole focus since the events advertise TU:

And involve conservation efforts as well as fishing such as trash pickup on Bald Eagle creek:

Events have included encounters with bugs, birds and a few rattlers:

Some events sounded like a good idea at the time but turned into a pleasure cruise. Here are photos from Presque Isle where the legendary bluegill and crappie were too far offshore for fishermen in waders. Oh, well! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Of course, the evenings included liberal libations and Andy’s famous barbeque:

Followed by time together around the campfire:

PWWTU thanks Andy for his efforts to get the Outdoor Adventures program up and running.


Watch the calendar for future events.


Submitted by: Chuck Buffington, Membership

Outdoor Adventures – 2023 Summary by Andy Andrews

The TU Adventure’s Club outings started the year with a trip to Pine Creek, Cedar Creek and other nearby waterways.  The trip was filled with sunshine, good fishing and friendship.  As the season progressed, we made a trip to Spring Creek, and again we explored other connecting waterways in the area.  We found good fishing, few people and lots of available water on Bald Eagle Creek.

All of outings have the usual Saturday night barbecue with lots of good food and pleasant company around the campfire.

Most of the standard fly patters worked well to the waters we fished and the fish rose easily to a well- placed fly.  But as the season progressed there was a noticeable warming of the water and the decision was made to bring the season to a halt until cooler water was available.

Our next, and last outing of the season is to Kettle Creek.  A description of the outing and contact information for Kettle Creek is on the web site, under the Calendar tab.  Some plans are already being made for the 2024 season so watch for those to appear on the web, or call Andy at 971 – 409 – 6149.  All members and non – members are welcome to the Adventure’s Club Outings.