Cabin Fever 2021 news

Cicada Zombies (8-5-2020)

Joe Birsa sends in a very interesting (and apparently true) article about Cicadas being hijacked by a fungus. The fungus produces psychotropic chemicals which affect the Cicadas’ behavior in, shall we say, unusual ways. Verified by several Board members including Bryan Mathie who thinks: “Yes, it’s real, but the impact on the Cicada population is likely to be small because they reproduce quickly”.

It’s interesting that Asian cultures have eaten deep fried Cicadas for hundreds of years. Should you be tempted to follow suit, remember that fungi produce all sorts of harmful compounds as well as the happy ones. Plus, you’ll have to keep your oil hot for another 14? years until the next time they emerge. Click here for Joe’s original article. Click here for a confirming article from the Smithsonian.

Eight reasons to take up fly fishing during a Pandemic (7-22-20)

Bob Bukk recommends an article originally published in the Washington Post. The article is a humorous look at fly fishing and the Covid-19 pandemic. Click here for article.

The Event

Over 60 Exhibitors including fly tiers, guide services, rod builders, fly shops, and rod & reel manufacturers.

Informative seminars on fly fishing techniques.

Fly casting demonstrations for all skill levels

Fly tying demonstrations and a kids table set up so they can tie their own flys!

Flea market area for great deals on vintage tackle and a chance to sell some of your old gear your wife says you have to much of.


Cabin Fever is shaping up to be the best exhibitor experience we have ever had. With well known speakers, interactive demos and a great selection of guides and manufaturers, attendance is expected to be very high.


2021 Exhibitor Registration Forms will be available later in the year

General questions: email Bryan Mathie


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