Stream Girls Program June 6-7 POSTPONED

This from Jodie Minor: ”  Given the current situation with the Corona Virus, I am going to recommend that we postpone our June 6-7 Stream Girls until we can set a date when we know that some normalcy has returned.  My primary concerns are that school is cancelled indefinitely and that the site at North Park we planned to use has no running water or easily accessible bathrooms.”

Conservation moves to the forefront

PWWTU has a long and proud history of stream improvement and conservation. Early records indicate projects on 4 or 5 streams every year with good member turnout. Our “home” stream is Little Pine Creek which flows from North Park Lake down to the Allegheny River. We share responsibility for this stream with the Allison Park Sportsman’s Club and work closely with them. Here’s a picture from the 70’s of PWW members hard at work on White Run.

Monroeville Sportsman Show quite a succss

Our booth at the Monroeville Sportsman Show. Ron Milavec organized a number of PWW folks to help run the show, including Jamie Schroder (on Ron’s right side). Ron managed to sell $300 worth of flies left over from the Joe Kline Fly Sale. Ron also set up several tying stations and instructed 60+ people, mainly children, in tying a San Juan worm, green weenie, or a MOP FLY. Charles Allen, Rich Simmen, Doug Beck, Jamie Schroder, Ernie Kern, Ed Barger, Bryan Mathie, Charles Buffington, Ken Buettner, and Tom Reed all helped Ron staff the booth.