Christian Shane Honored

First Place Honors in Pre-teen fiction category

Way to go, Christian. A well-deserved honor for a great book.

Synopsis: After the death of his father and fishing partner, twelve-year old Jack Cooper unwillingly travels with his mom from Pennsylvania to Alaska to meet his grandfather, Fly Bob, for the first time. Over the summer, Jack challenges himself to do something his father – Redds’ Cooper had never accomplished. He attempts to catch the Alaskan Salmon Slam, all five species of Pacific salmon in one summer.

While chasing after the Red, the Chum, the Pink, the Silver and the elusive King, he’ll need the assistance of his so-called grandfather and veteran fishing guide, Fly Bob, to teach him the secrets of fishing for salmon in Alaska. As Redds used to say, It’s not called catchin?, it’s called fishing,,, Nothing comes easy, especially in Alaska.

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