Socrates’ Revenge

Poison hemlock, the plant that killed Socrates, is on a rampage in Western PA. The stuff looks like a big Queen Ann’s Lace but even a tiny amount of the sap in a cut or splashed in an eye CAN BE LETHAL. And we thought ticks were bad news. Please check out the article in Sunday, June 26th Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Watch out for poisn hemlock and other noxious weeds” by Keanne Machesney of the Penn State Extension of Allegheny County (Page F-4 in the PGHome and Garden section). The plant has a distinuishing characteristic: purple blotches or streaks on the stems. Diane recommends that you call a professional to take care of the plants on your property. If you choose to whack at them yourself, wear gloves, eye protection, long sleves. Shower afterwards and wash your clothing. This stuff is deadly, so be extra cautious.
Toxic and invasive, poison hemlock is one to control early
Poson Hemlock stem and leaves