Conservation Plan for Penn’s Woods West

In case you missed the October Chapter Meeting featuring Conservation Chair Bryan Mathie’s update on the Chapter’s conservation plans, please click here for a youtube video of his talk. Click here for his power point slides.

Fly Pulse: Beats from the Heart & Stream – Christian Shane’s website

Among his many skills, Christian Shane is an author. He’s currently working on a book about the finer apects of fly fishing and publishes a website: “Fly Pulse…Beats from the Heart & Stream.” Click here to go there.

Amida Daniel and Kelly Williams present a ZOOM conference: “We Want You!…. Women, Diversity and Inclusion” on Tuesday October 12

Penn’s Woods West Chapter believes in the value diversity brings to our organization.  We value differences in opinion, skill sets and vantage points.  We welcome debate and discussion on the best way to accomplish our goals as a chapter and we believe that adding these other voices gives us a strength and sustainability in our ever changing world.

Admit it, the work of conservation is needed more than ever and we can use every hand we can get.

So we are asking our members to think about friends, family and neighbors that would benefit from being a part of a conservation minded community and an opportunity to positively effect our neighborhoods and the world around us.,

On October 12th at 7:30 join Penn’s Woods West and the Stanley Cooper Chapter for a VIRTUAL ZOOM *presentation from two women leading  Pennsylvania TU’s Women, Diversity, and Inclusion work that has been occurring over the last 3.5+ years.  Amidea Daniel and  Kelly Williams will share what other organizations/chapters are doing,  and suggestions on how we to sustain what we began at Penn’s Woods West.  Diversity covers many avenues from age, gender, social and economic backgrounds, to ethnic, and family backgrounds, and much more.  Just as diversity is important for healthy stream ecosystems, so too is it important, for organizations like ours, in order to sustain the hard work, and dedication to the protection, conservation, and enhancement of the waters, and trout we love, and enjoy.

Zoom Link will be available via Chapter email.

September 13 Chapter Meeting will be VIRTUAL by ZOOM

The increase in Delta Covid cases and the significant health problems caused by this virus, especially in unvaccinated people has prompted the PWWTU Board to cancel the in-person meeting scheduled for Christ Church and substitute a ZOOM conference. Check your email for the zoom link.

Chesapeake Bay Conference on Brook Trout

If you are a fan of the brook trout you may wish to attend (either in person or by Zoom) a two-day meeting to be held September 28-29 in Thurmont, MD (halfway between Gettysburg, PA and Frederick, MD on US 15).

The workshop is titled: ” Understanding Genetics for Successful Conservation and Restoration of Resilient Chesapeake Bay Brook Trout Populations

If you attend Sara Mueller’s talk for PWWTU on September 13, you’ll be all set for the workshop.

Click here for more information and to register.

September Board Meeting summary

The PWWTU Board met by zoom on September 2, 2021. The draft minutes are posted on the Officer’s Quarter tab. The Board approved a new policy that deals with administration procedures for grants. The Board approved accepting a “no strings” donation of $25,000 from Equitrans, a local pipeline company whose employees selected PWWTU as a recipient of community action funding. The Board decided to require masks at the upcoming September 13 in-person meeting at Christ Church in part due to concerns by our speaker. Two new Trout in the Classroom sites will be funded this year.

Upcoming PATU members’ meeting – September 18th

Mark your calendars and plan to attend: The 2021 PA Council Annual Membership Meeting will be an in-person event held at The Hall at Kinton’s Knob, located at 6441 Lincoln Highway in Bedford, PA. The meeting will begin promptly at 9 AM. Click here to view the Meeting Agenda. Cost is $35 and includes coffee, snacks, lunch, and a PATU tote bag.

Click Here for more information.

Advocacy opportunity: Carbon Pricing and the Budget Reconcilliation process

Tim Kelly of Citizen’s Climate Lobby urges us to contact our Senators and urge them to include carbon pricing in the Budget Reconcilliation Bill.

Click Here for more information about how to take action.

PATU seeks Outreach Coordinator

The Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited (PATU) is seeking a full-time AmeriCorps service member to serve as its Communications and Outreach Coordinator to recruit, retain, and reactivate volunteers across Pennsylvania. This person will provide outreach to PATU’s 49 chapters, current and potential partners, and the public, acting as a liaison to the board of directors. The Coordinator will work with PATU’s board, committees, chapters, and Program Director to plan and promote Trout Unlimited programs, projects, and events statewide. They will assist volunteers with finding the resources, funding, and partners needed to implement watershed stewardship and angling programs such as Trout in the Classroom, STREAM Girls, family fishing programs, and Women, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives.

They will develop weekly content for the PATU website and social media accounts and quarterly content for the PA Trout newsletter. They will also be expected to help maintain regular email communications between the PATU board and chapter members. They will report to the Program Director. Their office will be in State College or DuBois, Pennsylvania, but reimbursable travel across the state may be occasionally required. Hours will be Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm with occasional evenings and weekends. This position is being offered for a one-year term with the possibility of extension to a second term. Must be a United States citizen age 17 or older to apply. Last day to apply is July 21, 2021.

For more information and to apply visit:

Click Here for another way to get the details.

A few seats left in the most recent Days on the Water course

Pass this along to any beginning fly flshers you know. Rob Reeder and Scott Lockner do a great job…lots of good information about fishing that you can put to use immediately. Click Here for a course description and how to register.