Conservation moves to the forefront

PWWTU has a long and proud history of stream improvement and conservation. Early records indicate projects on 4 or 5 streams every year with good member turnout. Our “home” stream is Little Pine Creek which flows from North Park Lake down to the Allegheny River. We share responsibility for this stream with the Allison Park Sportsman’s Club and work closely with them. Here’s a picture from the 70’s of PWW members hard at work on White Run.

Women’s event cancelled

Good afternoon,
We just received direction from Trout Unlimited that we should consider rescheduling and cancelling any large gatherings due to the growing concern over the Corona Virus.  We considered the fact that this event would be held indoors and include food and drink so the risk of close contact.  This makes the possibility of close contact a bit higher.  We also know that some people may have other health factors to consider and still want to attend this session. 
Based on that and the direction from Trout Unlimited’s national office, we are cancelling the event.  We will reschedule and host a similar introductory event once the concerns are mitigated.  
With regret,–
Nora and Jodie
Co-Chairs – Women and Diversity
Penn’s Wood West Trout Unlimited

March Board Meeting Summary

The PWWTU Board met by phone conference on March 5th. Notable decisions include the appointment of Ron Milavec to the Board. Ron runs Bar Flies and the Monroeville Sportsman show booth and has a lot of good ideas. The Board adopted a Resolution establishing a governance structure for the Chapter and approved policies dealing with Conflict of Interest and Financial oversight (documents are posted under “Documents” on this page). The Board is planning a retreat in early April to discuss insurance, communication, and conservation. DRAFT minutes of the meeting are also available under Documents. (March 6, 2020)

Cabin Fever – great EXPO

This year’s Cabin Fever was one of the best. Dale Fogg, in his last year as the Major Domo organizer pulled out the stops and created an interesting, informative and money making event. Bryan Mathie, as second in command, got his feet wet in the details. Jodie Minor, who ran the very busy Flea Market table, introduced some new procedures that organized an otherwise chaotic area. Jamie Schroder with a little help from Chuck Buffington signed up 16 people for Trout Unlimited. Notably, this included 6 women.

Jamie and one of the new TU women