November, 2021 Board Meeting summary

Your board met November 4, 2021 and made several notable decisions:

1. A $4,600 request for funds for stream improvement on Buffalo creek by the Arrowhead Chapter was reviewed and approved. The stream is 45 minutes from downtown and offers trout fishing year-round. This follows a decision made last month to fund aspects of a project by Forbes Trail TU to resurrect the Laurel Highlands Trout Trail ($3,600). Both projects represent collaborative relations between PWWTU and other SW PA TU Chapters.

2. The Communications Committee and Mr. Joe Birch, our web master, are making forward progress on a revision of that will improve appearance and navigation.

3. Mr. Glen “Andy” Andrews has moved here from Portland, OR where he was quite active in a TU chapter. He was a board member for at least 20 years and during that time he organized 5-6 weekend camping/fishing trips each season. The Board approved a new committee named “Exploration”, and the President appointed Mr. Andrews chair of the committee. If you know of sites in PA where campgrounds are on or close to trout streams, please contact [email protected]

4. A high school teacher in the Franklin District has asked for help. He’s organizing a fly fishing club and needs tying material and instruments plus rods, reels and fishing equipment. Click here to get a summary of the project and contact him directly if you can help.

5. The controversy surrounding PA Boat and Fish commision’s decision to continue stocking streams that have sufficient reproduction of native or wild trout to maintain the population has reached the simmer stage. It may boil over, in part due to an article by Len Lichvar who is against the practice of stocking over native fish. Read his article by clicking here. There should be a call for commennts, and the Board will review the issue and ask members to respond then.

September Board Meeting summary

The PWWTU Board met by zoom on September 2, 2021. The draft minutes are posted on the Officer’s Quarter tab. The Board approved a new policy that deals with administration procedures for grants. The Board approved accepting a “no strings” donation of $25,000 from Equitrans, a local pipeline company whose employees selected PWWTU as a recipient of community action funding. The Board decided to require masks at the upcoming September 13 in-person meeting at Christ Church in part due to concerns by our speaker. Two new Trout in the Classroom sites will be funded this year.

Board Approves Strategic Plan

Every organization benefits from taking a hard look at where they are and where they are going. Your Board, following a suggestion by Ed Barger and with the expert assistance of Jamie Schroder and Bryan Mathie, has developed a plan for the Chapter that should guide our activities for the immediate future. The plan has been unanimously approved by the Board. Click here to view the plan.

Board action update for January 2021

Your Board met by virtual conference on January 7, 2021. Draft minutes of the meeting are available in the Documents column. Covid continues to be a problem and your Board has decided to postpone the Chapter’s 2021 Annual Meeting indefinitely. As a result, members will not be able to nominate or vote for new Board because of lack of a quorum. Thus the Board has approved extending the terms of current members by one year. Other issues: The first year of the Tom Walsh Memorial Scholarship at Chatham University has been funded and the University is in the process of selecting a recipient. Alex Ciocca has made a generous donation to PWWTU. He won a fishing trip to Montana in a contest last summer which was cancelled. Alex has donated the cash value of the trip ($500).

November Board Meeting Recap (11-11-20)

The November, 2020 Board meeting was held by Zoom conference on November 5th. Bob Bukk reported that the paperwork associated with our funding of a student grant at Chatham University was in order. Ed Barger is preparing to pay the first installment of the grant in December. Ron Milavec announced that we will not have a live booth at the Monroeville Sportsman’s Show for first time in many years; however, it may be possible to have an un-manned booth advertising Trout Unlimited. Cabin Fever 2021 is cancelled due to Covid. The hotel deposit has migrated to late February, 2022. Bar Flies is on hold also. The Board has approved purchase of ZOOM Pro which will improve our chapter meetings as well as a new laptop computer to facilitate presentations during in-person Chapter meetings, whenever they return. No Joe Cline fly sale this year, but tie up some anyway and save them for next year. There are three openings for new Board members this coming year, so contact Dale Fogg if you are interested in serving.

Board meets by ZOOM October 1, 2020 (10-4-20)

Your Board met October 1 and made several important decisions. First, Cabin Fever, originally scheduled for late February, 2021 has been cancelled. The hotel will move our reservation to February, 2022. Second, the board approved funding a 5-year scholarship to students studying Biology with a focus on Sustainability at Chatham University in memory of our former Conservation Chair and colleague, Tom Walsh. Thanks to Bob Bukk for coming up with this idea and doing the leg work to get it to happen. Full minutes are nearby.

PWW Meetings in the time of COVID (posted 7/3/2020)

Your Board has decided that the prudent course is to have VIRTUAL Chapter Meetings until the threat of COVID has diminished further. (Who knows when that will be, but it’s likely tied to the onset of “Herd Immunity” either through natural mechanisms or via a vaccine.)

The plan at this point is to use Zoom to record a short business meeting and the longer presentation by an invited speaker. We will upload these recordings to YouTube and distribute a link to Chapter Members via email. The link will also be posted on this website. It is not necessary to install Zoom or any other program on your computer.

It’s not as good as a face-to-face encounter with old friends in the confines of a Church basement, but it will have to do. Too many of our active members fall in the high risk category to risk exposure.

Summary of June 4 Board phone conference (6-5-2020)

Your Board met by phone on June 4th. Restrictions due to the virus are really slowing us down. Christ Church at Grove Farm is not permitting indoor meetings in their facility at this time, so we may or may not have “in person” Chapter meetings in the fall. Alternatives including Zoom sessions and video streaming are possible. Christian Shane is working on a schedule of speakers. Bob Bukk has proposed that the Chapter sponsor a scholarship for some worthy college student to honor Tom Walsh. National TU suggests that we give money to a department head who picks the winner and managed the grant rather than doing all this ourselves. Bryan Mathie has been busy identifying possible conservation projects for the Chapter. Bryan has also been busy organizing next year’s Cabin Fever Expo. The big news is that Kelly Galloup will be the keynote speaker at the event. (Photo above is one of Kelly’s famous ties). Plans are underway to have a dinner for Kelly on Saturday night and possibly a limited attendance fly tying session. The hotel has permitted us to move the Flea Market out into the hall which will open up 6 spaces for vendors and possibly a Conservation Corner for education. Draft minutes will be posted shortly.

Summary of Board phone conference May 7, 2020 (posted May 8, 2020)

Your Board adopted two new policies (see nearby). One sets the terms of reimbursement for travel related to PWWTU, the other deals with the important topic of Youth Protection. The latter policy requires background checks and a viewing of the Youth Protection Policy of National TU in order for any PWWTU member to have contact with Youth (including children) that are not family members. This is a change from our prior approach, so you may want to download the document and read it.

The Board reviewed the Annual Report to Trout Unlimited and discussed the website and the overall strategy for communication with members. Christian Shane has proposed that we stream either live or virtual Chapter meetings. Who knows how long this virus lock-down will last?

FY-20 PWWTU Financial Statement is available for your review (Posted 4-24-2020)

Treasurer Ed Barger has released the “FY-20” Financial Statements which actually cover an 18-month period due to Trout Unlimited’s change in fiscal year. Our Financial Reviewer, Walter Reineman, has reviewed the detailed list of transactions for the period as well as the statements. He found no irregularities. Walter and Ed are to be commended for the effort required to get 18 months of transactions into a Quicken database. The Financial Statements are an important part of our yearly report to the mothership (Trout Unlimited). Click here to see the document.