Board Approves New Policies (April 2, 2020)

Your Board met by phone conference April 2, 2020. The minutes from the March meeting were approved. A policy dealing with the nuts and bolts of document retention was approved (posted nearby). A policy outlining the Code of Ethics was approved (also nearby). A policy defining the process by which outside organizations solicit financial support from PWWTU was also approved (posted) . There was much discussion about a Youth Protection policy, which was eventually tabled. Bob Heil, JR suggested we have a Chapter Banquet and fund raiser in the Fall, once things settle down. Contact me ( if you think a banquet is a good idea.

Board approves Policies

The PWWTU Board met by phone conference on March 5th. Notable decisions include the appointment of Ron Milavec to the Board. Ron runs Bar Flies and the Monroeville Sportsman show booth and has a lot of good ideas. The Board adopted a Resolution establishing a governance structure for the Chapter and approved policies dealing with Conflict of Interest and Financial oversight (documents are posted under “Documents” on this page). The Board is planning a retreat in early April to discuss insurance, communication, and conservation. DRAFT minutes of the meeting are also available under Documents.