Austin Price joins PWWTU

Greetings future fishing buddies! My family recently moved to McCandelss from DC and I am excited to see new water and meet new people who share a passion for fly fishing and the outdoors. 
As a child, my parents gave me a choice. I could spend Sunday mornings in the church pew with my mother, or I could spend the morning meandering through woods and streams with my father. Either way, I had to report back on my reflections with three ways I could be a better son, brother and community member. The outdoors is still the place where I find serenity, physical challenge, community, passion and self.  We also spent many hours together fishing for all kinds of cold water and warm water species, but walking a small stream looking for natives was always our favorite. 
After grad school at Pitt nearly a decade ago, I lived and worked in France, Cameroon, California and DC. Through the chaos of early career and travel I backpacked and camped some, but not as much as I would have liked. As the demands of career and family life stack up, I am finding the ability to live in the present moment that nature gives me is central to how I take care of myself. I am at my happiest sharing the joy of flipping over rocks and finding what is around the next bend in the stream with my family or on a solo trip. 
I am relatively new to fly-fishing and largely self taught so I look forward to learning from and with all of you. Thank you and tight lines!

Meet New Member: Dave Roarty

Dave lives in Murrysville.  Happily married 42 years (Marsha), 2 wonderful daughters and 5 perfect grandchildren. Retired from Westinghouse nuclear side after 42 years in 2018.  Started fishing late in life, not really much until retirement. Love fly fishing and slowly acquiring enough skill to occasionally catch fish.  Tying a little and enjoy that as well.  I also golf, scuba dive, bike, hike, kayak and brew beer.  Still learning the streams, had a great winter of frozen fishing.  Look forward to fishing without gloves, I have enough problems tying knots. I have personal goal to help Turtle creek become a great trout stream some day.  Still a lot of mine acid and silt issues but working with the watershed to make it happen, hope I live long enough.

New Member: Steven T. Strausbaugh

Meet our newest member, Steven T. Strausbaugh
Steve has long-standing roots in western PA and fishing traditions. Born and raised in Shenango Township, Lawrence County PA – Steve grew up going to Lake Arthur, Shenango Lake, Wilhem and Pymatuning with dad and grandpa. Trout season has been a life-long tradition with both friends and family – beyond just first day festivities or stocking operations which are most typically spent just outside of Franklin, PA on the East Sandy Creek.
After successfully being trained to always catch the biggest fish in the family, Steve joined the US Coast Guard at the age of 18. In joining the Coast Guard, he became the 3rd generation of sailor in the Strausbaugh family to serve his country, and the first rescue swimmer. He served in the Coast Guard for 2 years on an icebreaking tugboat in Cleveland, Ohio where he earned status as an official “Great Lakes Sailor” and then for 3 years in Portsmouth, VA where he was eventually inducted into the “Order of the Spanish Main” by eating a cherry out of King Neptune’s belly button. At 6 ft 6 inches tall he just barely met the Coast Guard’s height requirement to be able to walk back to shore.
Most recently, Steve has been a member of the Oakmont Lions Club and the Oakmont Volunteer Fire Department as he continues to believe in service to the community around him. He has been married to his wife, Tanya for 6 years. Together they enjoy hiking, cycling and boating with annual trips every fall to National Parks across the US (pre-Covid). They are currently in the process of renovating their new home in Fox Chapel and are looking forward to getting to know new angler friends and fellow outdoor conservationists.

Photo shows Steve in Ennis Montana with a giant fish sculpture.

Meet new member Max Skirpan

Max writes to us:

“Hello! I am excited to be joining the Penn’s Woods West chapter of Trout Unlimited. I am looking forward to engaging in chapter meetings and being a part of efforts to preserve cold water fishing.

“I am fortunate to have grown up in a family of fishermen in Western PA. Since a young age, I have developed a fascination with the underwater world of fish – trout in particular. When I was very young, I remember the flies I tied hardly resembled anything in a trout’s diet. I really didn’t care because I loved to dream of one day becoming a trout fisherman.

“I graduated from Bucknell University in May of 2020 with a degree in Mechanicaal Engineering. I am currently working full time at a robotics company near Homewood, in Pittsburgh.

“I believe that there is no end to the trout fisherman’s education, and am looking forward to meeting other Chapter members and participating in meetings and conservation activities, whenever they start up again. Every time I fish, tie flies, talk to another fisherman, or even look at a stream, I learn something new and see trout in a new light. That is why I love fishing.